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1. We believe in 'unity in diversity' as an expression of harmony and unity between dissimilar individuals or groups. The main purpose of this gala event is to spread such message both on stage and remotely in alliance with several nonprofits of the Americas.

2. We believe that multicultural individuals, especially Hispanic Americans, are naturally gifted cultural ambassadors to foster tolerance and understanding given their multicultural/multiracial background.

3. We believe that embracing diversity in all its forms can contribute to dismantling ingrained prejudices and promoting a more tolerant society.

4. Hispanic Americans often embody a profound multiracial heritage, resulting from the historical intersection of Spaniards, indigenous peoples, and Africans. This complex mixture has given rise to a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and perspectives. The deep intermingling of these diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds provides Hispanic Americans with a unique vantage point that inherently promotes understanding.

5. In general, multiracial individuals challenge traditional racial categories, promoting the idea that humanity is a diverse and interconnected tapestry. Their existence challenges stereotypes and nurtures a more inclusive perception of identity, fostering empathy and breaking down racial barriers. 

In summary, multiracialism extends beyond genetics to encompass a rich blend of cultural backgrounds. Multiracial individuals often carry diverse cultural experiences, traditions, and perspectives from each heritage they belong to. This cultural mix not only contributes to their unique identity but also serves as a powerful bridge for understanding and appreciating various cultures. This cultural diversity challenges narrow definitions of identity, fostering a broader, more inclusive perspective that can be instrumental in combating intolerance. Since everyone is multiracial to some degree, these are encouraging and promising reflections.  


La reflexión mas importanteARTURO USLAR PIETRI
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"...incorporarnos de un modo abierto y franco a jugar el papel que podríamos y deberíamos jugar todos juntos, todos los hijos de esta inmensa comunidad, en el escenario del mundo de hoy."

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